Recipe Collections – Recipes from Brandt

Whether paired with fruit or cheese or eggs or fish, Brandt Zwieback toasts are a great short-cut to many family-pleasing recipes!

Apple Zwieback Torte

Apricot glazed apple cake on a Zwieback crumb crust.

Zwieback Forest Berry Tiramisu

This version of tiramisu starts with Zwieback doused in cherry brandy, and topped with mascarpone creme and juicy forest berries.

Crunchy Plum-Filled Potato Dumplings

A favorite Southern German dessert, this potato-zwieback dumpling contains a juicy plum. Served with vanilla sauce.

Bavarian Zwieback Dumplings

Homemade dumplings made easy with Zwieback, great with a mushroom ragout cream sauce.

Hüsumer Fresh Cod on Zwieback

A North Sea favorite, of fresh fish or canned herring in a Bernaise sauce with vegetables.

Dark Beer Onion Soup

Onion soup with a Bavarian Oktoberfest twist, quick and easy to make.

“Poor Knight” Zwieback Pancakes

Fast and easy breakfast ‘French toast’ made with Brandt Zwieback toasts.

Zwieback Pizza

A vegetable and salami pizza on a Zwieback ‘crust’.