Recipe Collections – Recipes from Hela

Indian Chicken Casserole

Easy, flavorful pan-roasted chicken simmered in broth, German curry ketchup and yogurt which imparts an oriental, “Indo-German” flavor.

Hungarian Sausage and Bean Stew

Reminiscent of the Austrian-Hungarian region, this dish blends Hungarian salami with two kinds of protein-laden beans, red peppers, gehrkins and curry sauce.

Quark and Garlic Dip

Its thick, yet creamy texture and mild-flavor makes quark a great base for flavored dips.

Cabbage Soup “Ahrensburg”

Healthy and hearty cabbage soup flavored by bacon, onions, chopped vegetables and Hela curry sauce.

Sauteed Beef “Geschnetzeltes” in Curry Sauce

A well known German dish of sauteed strips of steak or filet mignon in a creamy curry sauce flavored with red wine and chanterelle mushrooms and mild curry sauce.

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