Recipe Collections – Recipes from Meica

Many say that great sausages are bested enjoyed simply, but these recipes from Meica offer great ideas to add to your portfolio of sausage meals.

Deutschländer Pasta Salad

Frankfurter & Potato Salad “Carneval”
Variation of a classic potato salad with blue cheese and marinated sun-dried tomatoes.

Heavenly Hot Dog with Authentic Wiener Sausages
Hot dog with coleslaw and crème fraîche – a quick and convenient lunch.

Sweet and Sour Bockwurst
The Far East variation of an old German favorite, with mixed Asian vegetables and sour cream.

German Chili Dog
A big hit for parties with a very distinctive style: hot dog with chilli,beans sweetcorn and bacon.

Mini-Wini Sheriff Toast
For cowboys or those who want to be. Tasty Mini Wini toast with cream cheese and bell peppers!

Mini Wini Halloween Ghostly Dipper
Scarily delicious: a quick, easy and relative low calorie treat for young and old!

Halloween Sausage Snake
A little imagination to turn little gourmets into big chefs.

Mini Sausage Tortilla