Recipe Collections – Recipes from Niederegger

Marzipan Nougat Roll

A cake for the accomplished amateur pastry chef, this marzipan nougat roll is delectably nutty, sweetened by apricot glaze and visually very attractive.

Marzipan Jubilee Torte

Three fluffy layers of almond cake filled with vanilla-flavored cream and topped by scrumptious chocolate-marzipan glaze. A true culinary celebration.

Orange Marzipan Mousse

A delightful, fruity mousse made with marzipan, Cointreau, and Cuandole marzipan liquor, dressed with kumquats. A true delight for both visual and gustatory senses.

Bilberry Marzipan Tarts

Succulent, fruity tart with shortcrust pastry, marzipan creme and bilberry or blueberry topping.