Rosehip Donuts for Karneval

Rosehip Jam Filled Donuts for Karneval
Nothing's more delicious than a Krapfen (jam-filled donut) at Karneval - especially those filled with rosehip jam - paired with Glühwein or hot rosehip tea. Rosehip is one of the healthiest "superfruits" with lots of Vitamin C for the winter season. You can easily make your own rosehip donuts at home - a great joint activity for both parents and children. For a donut with a bit of zesty citrus flavor, try Eberswälder Spritzkuchen (Crullers with Lemon Frosting).
Course Dessert



  • Pour milk into a glass and put the butter into a mug. Put both into a pan of hot water.
  • Crumble yeast into milk and stir. Let butter melt and milk with yeast rise about 20%.
  • Add flour and eggs into a blender. Add butter and milk with risen yeast. Blend thoroughly for about 5 minutes to form the dough. Let dough rise for 30 minutes in a warm place.
  • Roll dough into elongated shape on a floured surface or non-stick mat, using two flat wooden sticks as rolling aids.
  • Take the milk glass and cut out 8 circles from the dough. Let dough circles rise for 10 more minutes.
  • Place dough rounds into deep-fryer or large pot filled with oil. Deep-fry bottom half until brown (about 4 minutes) then turn to deep-fry the other side. Take out and place on cake rack to dry.
  • Fill a baking syringe with rosehip jam. Pierce the Krapfen with the syringe and fill with the rosehip jam, not too much and not too little.
  • Dust Krapfen with confectioners sugar
  • Enjoy!
Adapted from Maintal Confiture


German recipes often omit detailed measurements and instructions. But there's a video that gives a step-by-step demonstration of this recipe by the owner of Checko's Backstube, in Schwabach, South of Nürnberg.