Ruedesheimer Coffee

Warming coffee drink fortified with Asbach Uralt brandy and topped with vanilla whipped cream and grated chocolate.
Course Cocktails
Cuisine Hesse
Region Hesse


  • 3 cubes sugar
  • 1-2 parts Asbach Uralt Brandy
  • hot coffee
  • vanilla whipped cream
  • grated chocolate


  • Place cubes of sugar in a warm Asbach coffee cup**.
  • Add Asbach Uralt Brandy, set aflame. Stir and allow to burn 1 minute.
  • Fill up with hot coffee to within an inch of top of cup. Stir well.
  • Cover with layer of whipped cream, spiced with vanilla, and sprinkle with grated chocolate.


** If you would like to purchase a set of the Rüdesheimer coffee cups and saucers as shown in the picture, please visit the web site and click on the Asbach link.

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