Summer Cake Madness

Think of classic German summer cakes and you think of whipped cream and fresh fruit. These cakes celebrate the delights of summer with cakes that are not too heavy for the season, and work great for casual summer socializing, Kaffee und Kuchen, and little celebrations, too. Whether your cake occasions this year are outside or inside, in person or virtual, you can enjoy a sweet moment this summer with a delightful German cake.

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Badisher Plum CakeBadischer Plum Cake (Badischer Zwetschgenkuchen)

Some of Germany’s best plums come from Baden, and they’re the stars of this cake. The cake calls for the dark blueish plum known in North America as Italian plums or European plums, which are best for baking.

Bee Sting Cake

Bee Sting Cake (Bienenstich)

Bee Sting Cake hails from the Bayern region of Munich in Germany. This detectable pastry consists of two layers of sweetened yeast dough, filled with a butter cream and topped with caramelized almonds and honey. The name of “Bee Sting” is said to have come from the baker who was stung by a bee while baking. Similar to a cream puff, this dessert is a wonderful addition to any summer barbecue, and a sweet way to celebrate the Fourth of July! Save time with a wonderful baking mix of Bienenstich.

Black Forest Cake

Black Forest Cake (Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte)

A classic cake of cherries, chocolate and cream invented by patissier Josef Keller at an upscale cafe near Bonn in the 1920s. Keller came from the Black Forest region, hence the name (this is speculation, but sounds right).

Stacked Butter Cake

Bremer Butter Cake (Bremer Butterkuchen)

Bremer Butterkuchen (butter cake) is a favorite German classic. As the name implies, this delectable treat comes from Bremen, in the northern region of Germany. Despite being relatively simple over the years this dessert has become a staple throughout Germany. The German tradition of Kaffee and Kuchen(coffee and cake) has definitely welcomed this simple confection as a complement to any tea or coffee drink. This treat is an easy addition for your summer entertainment, and one that will be enjoyed by all!

Cherry Quark Torte

Cherry Quark Cake ( Kirsch Käsekuchen)

Cherry quark cake is both fruit and moist, with semolina, and no flour.


Cherry Streusel Cake ( Streuselkuchen)

Streusel Cake comes from Silesia, now a part of western Poland. This sweet treat is made of a simple dough bottom, layered with a topping of choice then covered with streusel for a nice texture. Streusel is the German equivalent of crumble, consisting of flour, sugar, and butter. In fact, this dessert can kindle a nostalgic response, bringing you back to Oma’s kitchen. Think cherry pie, but on the next level! Convenience yourself with a new Cherry Streuselkuchen baking mix.

Koblenz Cherry Cheese Cake

Koblenz Cherry Cheese Cake (Koblenzer Kirsch Käsekuchen)

A creamy cheesecake using fresh summer cherries and delicious fruit jam. Perfect for summer garden parties and Kaffee und Kuchen!

Leipzig Cake

Leipzig Carrot Cake

German carrot cake with chocolate frosting, a 19th century Leipzig specialty made with carrots, almonds, rum and cinnamon. This carrot cake was created in Leipzig a hundred years ago by a resourceful baker, securing the city a reputation for creativity and putting its cafés and bakeries in perpetual competition.

Leipzig Lark Cake

Leipzig Lark Cake (Leipzig Lerchen)

Small pastry with short crust, almonds, brandy and apricot jam, originally shaped like birds to satisfy the Saxon appetite for small fowl. A resourceful baker from Leipzig had the idea to offer small cakes shaped as birds, launching the Leipzig larks into fame.

Meißner Quarktorte

Meissen Quark Cake (Meißner Quarktorte)

Saxon cake featuring Quark, a spreadable curd cheese popular in Germany, enriched (or topped) with raisins, almonds and rum.

Plum Sheet Cake

Plum Sheet Cake (Pflaumenkuchen)

Plum Cake with ground walnuts, butter and sugar.

Raspberry Jelly Roll

Raspberry Jelly Roll (Himbeer Rolle)

A good looking dessert with refreshing raspberries and light cream.

Raspberry Vanilla Trifle

Raspberry Vanilla Trifle (Plettenpudding)

A raspberry vanilla trifle with pound cake and crumbled macaroons.

Strawberry Rhubarb Trifle

Strawberry Rhubarb Trifle

Classic strawberry-rhubarb flavors in a German-style trifle, with layers of meringue, rhubarb cream, and fresh strawberries. As pretty as it is delicious, this trifle perfectly balances sweet and tart flavors.Additional Information:

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