Touch-Down Treats and The Taste of Germany

Football’s annual show-down is fast approaching and you may wonder what to serve those hungry bellies during the Superbowl party (no matter whether you and your guests genuinely want to watch the game or just the advertising during the breaks). Of course, there is always take-out pizza. But if you want to try something different, we recommend some German meal ideas which will add a special note to this all-American event: original frankfurter sausages with curry ketchup or spicy Düsseldorf mustard; authentic peanut flips; crunchy “good for you” pickles; whole grain breads with cheese and radish slices; or cheese spätzle with sauerkraut. Wash this down with smooth Bavarian beer or stay sober with sparkling German mineral water and your taste buds will tingle along with the quarterbacks throws.

The market-leading German brands available in many US and Canadian specialty food shops as well as online are:

Frankfurter, Wiener, Bockwurst: Meica

Curry Ketchup: Hela, Develey, Zeisner

Mustard: Develey, Hengstenberg, Alstertor
Erdnuss Flips(peanut flavored puffed corn): Lorenz
Salzstängelchen (salty sticks): Lorenz

Crunchy Pickles: Hengstenberg, Kühne
Vollornbrot (whole grain breads): Mestemacher, Feldkamp
Spätzle (Swabian type noodles): Bechtle, Panni, Maggi

Sauerkraut: Hengstenberg, Kühne

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