Adler Orginial Black Forest Ham (Schinken) no rind 9 lbs. loaf




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Product Description

This is the real, authentic Black Forest ham, made by Hans Adler OHG. It’s a prosciutto-type smoked and cured “raw ham” (Rohschinken), quite different from what is known as the cooked Black Forest ham in the US.

This product (ham with no rind) can only be purchased as a whole, non-sliced 8-10 lbs piece (net weights vary slightly by product). Perfect for large dinner parties or for the ham connoisseur.

You can slice and dice this ham to your heart’s delight. Comparable in quality and uniqueness to Parma and Serrano hams, Adler’s Black Forest ham is a great companion to great bread, melons and just eaten by itself. 

Cover the ham in dish cloth and keep refrigerated after opening the package. The ham will stay fresh and edible for months inside the refrigerator, wrapped in cloth. Only use plastic foil to cover the cutting edge.

Please note: We source “Adler Schinken no Rind” from a variety of import partners. However, the availability of inventory is not always guaranteed, due to the complex import process. This means that it could take a few weeks to fulfill orders with Adler Schinken.  Please write a note during checkout or call us at 800-881-6419, if you need this item at a specific date and/or if you are willing to receive the Adler Black Forest Schinken with rind, as a substitute. The shelf life of the Adler Schinken, no rind is equal to the “Adler Schinken with rind”. 

Serve Adler Schinken

  • in salads
  • as cold cut in charcuterie buffets, with pickles and olives
  • on pizza or quiche Lorraine
  • on baguettes with fresh tomatoes and cheese


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  • Weight: 150 oz
  • Width: 16 in
  • Depth: 3 in
  • Height: 10 in

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