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Mugwort (German: Beifuss, Latin: artemisia vulgaris) has a well deserved nickname: the “mother of herbs.”

It’s an incredible versatile culinary herb, used for centuries in German cuisine and the kitchens of acclaimed chefs. It’s also well known in the world of herbal medicine.

The astringent, robust flavor adds a herbal-bitter note to many fatty meat and vegetable dishes, from goose (especially during the winter holidays), to duck, to eal and carp, to herb and vegetable soups consumed during Lenten and spring time.

Top chefs mix mugwort with orange juice which provides a perfect tangy, bitter sauce or marinade. And hobby brewers add mugwort to home-made beer instead of – or in addition to – hops. In fact, that’s what medieval German brewers did prior to the widespread availability of hops.

Along with oregano, thyme or basil, mugwort is an essential ingredient in Mediterranean and Central European cooking. The herb promotes digestion and is known to heal epilepsy. And yes, mugwort is one of the magic herbs used at Hogwarts School of Magic (#harrypotter).

Alba is a German spice and herb manufacturer known for quality and unique assortments.



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