Asbach Easter Chocolate Eggs Filled with Brandy and Sugar Crust 5.3 oz. (Out of Stock)




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Product Description

For Easter, something special for all Asbach brandy lovers: A festively designed pack of 8 large dark-chocolate Easter eggs (with sugar crust) filled with a little bit of the wonderful tasting Asbach brandy, made from wine grapes in Ruedesheim, alongside the Rhine river. The bittersweet dark chocolate pairs beautifully with the smooth taste of Asbach brandy and a bit of sugar crust inside. Each egg is individually wrapped. Great as a gift or to share with loved ones.

Must be 21 years of age to purchase the product.



  • Weight: 11 oz
  • Width: 7 in
  • Depth: 3 in
  • Height: 6 in

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