Beck’s Criollo 100% Organic Cocoa Powder – 20 x 70g packs (3 in Stock)

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This 100% organic cocoa powder from the criollo cocoa bean (generally recognized as the highest quality cacao bean) is a cocoa lover’s dream. The mix contains zero % sugar and zero % additives, but has a complex and unforgettable flavor. Made from pure Criollo beans harvested in Peru, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Guatemala from plantations certified under “fair trade” conditions 

This offer contains three single serve sachets, each with 0.9oz (25g) cacao mix. One sachet is sufficient for a large mug or can of hot cocoa.Just add 8 oz of hot, frothed milk, stir and enjoy. (For faster results, dissolve the powder in just a bit of hot water before adding the milk).

This cacao will relax you and provide a moment of happiness, especially on a grey winter afternoon.

Michael Beck, based near Rosenheim in Bavaria, has made a name for himself and his company Becks Cocoa in the German and international chocolate scene with his extravagant premium cocoa creations. His assortment of 16 cocoa specialities combine the world’s finest cocoa crops with natural cane and coconut blossom sugar, herbs and natural flavors. The ingredients are organic and fair-trade whenever possible. The result: irresistible chocolate drinks.


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