Beck’s “Wellutata” Organic Cashew Nougat Spread, 7.oz – BB (8 in Stock)

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Best By Date: SEPTEMBER 2022. The products are safe to consume and do not lose quality for five months after the Best By Date.


From Bavaria comes this gourmet nougat spread, made with organic cashew (30%), cocoa, cane sugar and sunflower oil. All ingredients are sourced from highly selected farms and expertly blended to give you an astounding hazelnut-cocoa taste experience. This is definitely not your average nougat spread.

Great on toasted bread, with a banana, or as spread on cookies, cakes and ingredient for mole.

Michael Beck, based near Rosenheim in Bavaria, has made a name for himself and his company Becks Cocoa in the German and international chocolate scene with his extravagant premium cocoa creations. His assortment of 16 cocoa specialities combine the world’s finest cocoa crops with natural cane and coconut blossom sugar, herbs and natural flavors. The ingredients are organic and fair-trade whenever possible. The result: irresistible chocolate drinks.


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