DEAL: Ferrero Kinder Duplo Chocolate Box 10-count

Ferrero Kinder



Product Description

Duplo is a crispy wafer stick covered with milk chocolate. A well-known brand in Germany and well liked snack for old and young.  Each pack contains 10 bars.

Kinder was created 60 years ago as a mothers solution – chocolates to satisfy children desires for something tasty and sweet, and mothers need for peace of mind serving products only of qualiyy ingredients. The chocolates are the perfect size for children (and adults too!)

This expiration date is 09/20, yet the product is perfectly safe to eat with no difference in taste.

Please read our “Shipping Perishable Products” Policies during warm-temperature months.


  • Weight: 7 oz
  • Width: 4 in
  • Depth: 5 in
  • Height: 5 in

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