Dr. Wolz Zell Oxygen Enzyme Yeast + 1000mg Royal Jelly, Dietary Supplement, 14 vials x 20 ml

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A power duo for whole body wellness: Dr. Wolz Zell Oxygen Immunkomplex Enzyme Yeast Concentrate + 1000mg of Royal Jelly (aka Gelee Royale or Bee’s “Mother Milk”).

  • Dr. Wolz bioactive enzyme yeast cells (Saccaromyces cervisiaeare) are cultivated over many days without heat in highly nutritive fruit and vegetable extract solutions.In this process, called oxygen-enzyme fermentation, the yeast cells retain vital enzymes and absorb a huge number of essential nutrients (vitamins, minerals and trace elements) with the aid of oxygen.
  • Royal Jelly is a highly nutritive, yogurt-like “gook,” produced by worker bees to feed bee larvae and especially the queen bee. In fact, the queen of the hive solely lives off royal jelly and, as a result, outgrows and outlives all of her fellow bees by multiples.

Both yeast cells and royal jelly have been used for millennia as natural remedy for many illnesses and restorative health measures. Together, they deliver a phenomenal package of essential nutrients to the body.

Towards the end of the cultivation process, oxygen is removed so that the yeast cells ferment sugar into alcohol which acts as preservative and keeps the yeast cells from replicating further. When ingested as supplement, the enzyme yeast cells are strong enough to withstand stomach acid and digestive bile. In the large intestine, the cells release their full load of bio-available nutrients or enter the blood stream to help detoxify the blood.

Dr. Wolz GmbH is one of Germany’s leading and most respected producers of dietary supplements. The founder, Dr. Siegfried Wolz worked closely with Prof. Feodor Lynen who won the 1964 Nobel Prize in Medicine/Physiology (together with Konrad Bloch) for their discoveries concerning the mechanism and regulation of cholesterol and fatty acid metabolism.

The company is based in Geisenheim, the heart of the Rhineland Palatine wine region, where plenty of beneficial yeast is used for wine fermentation. (Geisenheim University is one of the world’s top schools for wine making engineers).

By the way, yeast-fermented products (from pickled vegetables, to beer to tea) have been used for thousands of years as natural cure to fight off vitamin, iron and folic acid deficiencies, to reestablish vigor after illness, to boost cognitive strength for the aging and as probiotic tonic for the intestinal flora. Incidentally, Hildegard von Bingen, the medical pioneer of the Middle Ages and founding mother of modern naturopathy, lived and practiced just a few miles away from Geisenheim. She discovered many ways to use yeast and other medicinal herbs in the treatment and cure of diseases.

Ingredients of enzyme yeast preparations:

Vitamins: B1, B2, B6, B12, Biotin, Niacin, pantothenic acid, D and E
Minerals and trace elements: potassium, selenium, chrome, zinc
Amino acids: arginine, cysteine, methionine, glutamine
Enzymes and coenzymes: catalase, cytochrome oxidase, superoxide dismutase, NADH, coenzyme Q6, coenzyme Q10
Yeast cell wall components (serving as immune stimulants): glucans, mannans
Additional biologically effective components: choline, nucleotides, glutathione, mitochondrial DNA sequences

30 milliliters of an enzyme yeast cell concentrate contain about 200 million enzyme yeast cells, bristling with vital substances and about 4000 enzymes. Each cell also features as many as 50 cellular mitochondria (power stations).

1 Package contains 14 vials.

Usage Instructions: Zell Oxygen® + Royal Jelly 1000 mg is a concentrate therefore we recommend to dilute 1 vial (20 ml) per day in 4.3 fl. oz. (125 ml) of a beverage or juice of your choice during or after a meal in one time or divided during the day. We recommend to take it with apple juice.

Shake well before using! Refrigerate after opening and consume it promptly. Do not exceed the recommended dose. Keep away from children. Alcohol content: Zell Oxygen® Immunkomplex + Royal Jelly contains alc. 8 % vol. natural fermentation alcohol. Store at a temperature between 40°F and 77°F
Without lactose, colorants and preservatives.

Food supplements cannot substitute for a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.







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