Hachez 88% “Premier Cru” Dark Chocolate Bar 3.5 oz. (Out of Stock)





Product Description

This Grand Cru 88% dark chocolate is a master piece from Hachez. Made from the best cocoa beans available in the world (single-source origin Criollo, Arriba and others). Conched for over 72 hours, this chocolate melts in your mouth, imparting a robust dark cocoa flavor and lots of healthy flavanoids. A perfect fit to a smooth grand cru cognac.

Established in the late 1800s, the Hachez chocolate factory and cafe is a destination for cocoa aficionados and visitors to Bremen. The former “Hansa” trading league hub is today one of the world’s largest trading ports and processing locations for cocoa beans. These are some of the best chocolates available today.

Please read our “Shipping Perishable Products” Policies during warm-temperature months.

January 25,2022.  The products are safe to eat and do not lose quality for three months after the Best By date.



  • Weight: 7 oz
  • Width: 4 in
  • Depth: 0.25 in
  • Height: 7 in

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