Haribo Christmas Ornament Meringue Balls “Baiser Kugeln”, 6.17 oz (Out of Stock)





Product Description

These Haribo Christmas ornament ball meringue gummies from the world’s most famous gummy candy producer are the perfect holiday treat. These yummy meringue balls contain fruit concentrates and come in lots of bright colors.Made from delicious foam sugar with a dragee coating, they are not only colorful, but also impress with their taste. Bite into the crunchy sugar coating and let the fruity varieties melt on your tongue. These Christmas gummy candies are great for stocking stuffers and will be loved by adults and children alike!

Made in Germany at the original candy factory.

May contain traces of milk and wheat.


  • Weight: 16 oz
  • Width: 6 in
  • Depth: 2 in
  • Height: 8 in

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