Knorr “Feinschmecker” Chanterelle Mushroom Soup, 2.0 oz




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Product Description

“Feinschmecker” is German for gourmet or “connoisseur” and this Knorr Chanterelles Mushroom (Pfifferlinge) soup honors that name. Contains chanterelles mushrooms, mushroom extract, potatoes, parsley, white wine extract and roasted onions. 95% of all vegetables and herbs come from German farmers practicing sustainable agriculture. 100% vegetarian.

A convenient way to make 500ml (2 cups) of delicious soup.

Made in Germany, by Knorr (a brand owned by Unilever Group, based in Hamburg)


  • Weight: 4 oz
  • Width: 4 in
  • Depth: 1 in
  • Height: 5 in

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