Lambertz Aachen Honey Infused Printen Lebkuchen, 100g (Out of Stock)




Product Description

Honig Saft Printen are a specialty gingerbread, finely flavored with Christmas spices (such as cinnamon, aniseed, cloves and coriander) and refined with honey and chocolate.
The texture is pleasant and soft to the bite. Get this rare-to-find pack with 8 Honey Printen.

Aachener Printen were developed in the early 1800s in the city of Aachen (Aix le Chapelle) as an advancement to the lebkuchen baking arts. They contain a special combination of the finest flour, sugar molasses, honey, and cinnamon, anise, cloves, cardamon, coriander, and turmeric, and candied oranges and lemons. The name Aachener Printen has the EU protection of designated origin, that is only bakers from the city of Aachen can make and call their products Aachener Printen.

This product is made by Lambertz, established in 1622 and once a supplier to Royal Courts throughout Europe.




  • Weight: 9 oz
  • Width: 4.5 in
  • Depth: 3 in
  • Height: 8 in

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