Landsberg German Kochkaese (Cooking Cheese) 7 oz. – Case of 12




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Product Description

Landsberg Cooking Cheese (Kochkaese) is a spreadable, creamy sour milk cheese, which melts perfectly over pasta or spaetzle, used as dip for Bavarian pretzels, spread onto toasted bread, and gives soup or sauces  a creamy texture. Essentially, it’s a mix of Quark-type cheese, cream, eggs and a bit of baking soda, which is heated and constantly stirred to create a unique taste and texture. Known in France as Cancoilotte, this type of cheese is used frequently in the cuisine of Alsace-Lorraine and Luxembourg.

This offer is for a case of 12 tubs

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  • Weight: 168 oz
  • Width: 24 in
  • Depth: 20 in
  • Height: 16 in

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