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Product Description

There are as many different ways to enjoy our Spekulatius (Englisch:speculoos): as snack, dipped in tea or coffee, or crumbled and mixed with yoghurt. No matter, they all taste incomparably good thanks to the excellent mix of excellent spices that refine the classic, festive shortcrust pastry.

Linguists trace the name back to the Latin word speculator, which is also used to describe bishops in Christianity. Another reference to St. Nicholas, who was himself a bishop in Asia Minor.

These crumbly shortbread cookies are spiced with cardamom, cloves and cinnamon. Their trademark signature is ts motif print: embossed into the shortcrust pastry using a special baking mold or a rolling pin before baking. A spiced cookie without this imprint is not Spekulatius,  but simply a butter cookie. Traditionally, the motifs should reflect the story of St. Nicholas. Lebkuchen-Schmidt decorates Spekulatius biscuits according to old family traditions with windmills, couples and Christmas motifs.

Made by Lebkuchen Schmidt, one of Nürnberg’s most famous gingerbread producers, founded in 1928. This company also owns the venerable Wicklein brand, founded in 1620. 

Ingredients: WHEAT FLOUR, palm fat, sugar, brown sugar, invert sugar syrup, spices (contain cinnamon), salt, caramel sugar syrup (glucose syrup, sugar), raising agents: potassium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate.
May contain traces of NUTS, EGG, MILK, SESAME and SOY.



  • Weight: 8 oz
  • Width: 6 in
  • Depth: 2 in
  • Height: 4 in

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