Mestemacher Organic Whole Rye and Spelt Bread 17.6 oz.




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Product Description

Whole grain bread with unripe spelt grains. Ideal for breakfast or as a little snack.

A balanced diet leads to physical and mental fitness. Mestemacher specialities will keep you fit.

organic whole kernel rye, water, organic whole meal rye flour, organic spelt, organic unripe spelt, sea salt, organic apple powder, yeast.

No preservatives.

Nutrition Facts


Total Fat                          1 g                                         
Saturated Fat                   0 g                                         
Trans Fat                         0 g                                         
Cholesterol                      0 mg                                     
Sodium                        370 mg                                
Total Carbohydrates       25 g                                      
Dietary Fiber                   6 g                                     
Sugars                           1 g     
Protein                           4 g     

Serving Size 1 pieces (72 g)     Servings Per Container 7
Calories 140, Calories from Fat 2


  • Weight: 26 oz
  • Width: 7 in
  • Depth: 4 in
  • Height: 2 in

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