Niederegger Chocolate Truffles “We love Chocolate” Coffee Crisp & Double Chocolate, 3.5 oz – BB (2 in Stock)




Product Description

The Best Before Date is 11/22. These products are safe to eat and don‘t loose quality for six month after the best before date.



This box of 8 chocolate truffles contains two unique, high quality cream fillings: Coffee Crisp and Double Chocolate. Coffee Crisp truffles are a deliciously tart milk chocolate with a coffee cocoa cream filling. Double Chocolate truffles are a dark and crunchy delight: dark chocolate with cocoa cream filling and chocolate chips. Serve as dessert at home, or reward yourself with a sweet treat in the afternoon. .

Made in Luebeck, Schleswig Holstein, by Niederegger, the world’s most famous marzipan company.

Please read our “Shipping Perishable Products” Policies during warm-temperature months.


  • Weight: 12 oz
  • Width: 3 in
  • Depth: 9 in
  • Height: 1 in

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