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This 6´pack of original German mineral water comes from the Rosbach artesian spring near Frankfurt, Germany.


This spring supplies pristine, natural mineral water from 1,000 feet below the ground.  A favorite of European royalty for centuries, today Rosbacher mineral water is a preferred thirst quencher for people with an active lifestyle.


Each Rosbacher 500ml (16.9 oz) bottle contains a total of 1,610 mg/l of essential minerals and a unique2:1 ratio of calcium to magnesium – an ideal replacement of lost nutrients after workout.

 “#1 sports beverage for athletes” (Running Magazine)

“Very Good”  Rating in an evaluation of 149 mineral water brands (Öko Test Magazine)

“Endorsed” Medical Sports Network Magazine.

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  • Weight: 118 oz
  • Width: 12 in
  • Depth: 12 in
  • Height: 12 in

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