Seitenbacher Organic Lemon Cooking Oil, 8.4 fl.oz (Out of Stock)




Product Description

 This organic sunflower cooking oil with a naturally translucent color and flavored with lemon has a heating point of 360°F and is a perfect to add robust flavor and high-oleic oil to seasonings, marinades, and dips. Perfect for roasted meats, fish, pasta, and salads.

Made in Germany by  Seitenbacher’s Grunsfeld Organic Oil Mill.

This product is as “clean” as it gets: 100% organic, vegan, GMO-free, unflavored, unrefined and cold-pressed. That means, all of the oil seeds’ essential vitamins, minerals and fatty acids are being preserved.


  • Weight: 16 oz
  • Width: 2 in
  • Depth: 2 in
  • Height: 9 in

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