Teekanne “Sweet Dreams” Herbal Tea Blend, 20 ct. (Out of Stock)





Product Description

This tea brings “harmony to body and soul” and supports your body natural abilities to relax and fall asleep. Contains herbs known in traditional medicine for their mild sedative, calming effect:  lemon balm (36%) , chamomile (32%, lime blossoms, peppermint, sage, lemon verbena, and lavender (2%).  Enjoy a lemony, minty herbal tea with a variety of anis notes in the afternoon or evening, when you just need a bit of relaxation and quiet.

Made for Teekanne, Austria. Teekanne GmbH is one of the world’s largest purveyor of tea and Germany’s leading tea brand. Based in Düsseldorf (North Rhine Westphalia), the family-owned company (founded in 1882) invented the flow-through tea bag, a technology used in virtually every hot tea product today.



  • Weight: 4 oz
  • Width: 5 in
  • Depth: 3 in
  • Height: 4 in
  • Badge: New

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