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The Taste of Germany Sampler



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Product Description

A truly special Father’s Day Collection for a German-American barbecue. Our collection includes just the right mix of authentic, fresh-frozen bratwurst sausages with hand-made pretzel buns (made by German artisan butcher and bakers in Maryland) + German specialties that match perfectly in taste and texture.

These items are included:

  • 2 packs of The Taste of Germany Beer Bratwurst (8 sausages in total.
  • 10 handmade, authentic pretzel buns
  • Beer Mug Pasta or egg noodles (for pasta salad)
  • Salad seasoning/dressing
  • Medium hot Swabian mustard in a stein
  • Hot Curry Ketchup (a specialty from Bremen)
  • Whiskey Cornichons (in brine with whiskey)
  • Haribo Sweet Salty Licorice Pretzels or other licorice/gummy variety
  • Niederegger Lübeck Marzipan with milk chocolate

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  • Weight: 144 oz
  • Width: 12 in
  • Depth: 12 in
  • Height: 12 in

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