The Taste of Germany Food Collection (medium size) (9 in Stock)

The Taste of Germany Sampler



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Product Description

An Oktoberfest or authentic German meal experience for your family. Contains:  Real German Bockwurst Sausage 8.8 oz, Meica Deutschlaender Premium German Sausage 17.6 oz, Hengstenberg Bavarian Wine Sauerkraut, Hengstenberg Knax Crunchy Gherkins, Kathi German Pretzel Mix or 10 fresh Bavarian pretzels,  Hengstenberg or Kuehne Mustard Stein

Please note: If inventory of one or more items in this sampler is not available, we substitute a different brands with the same quality products or a similar product from the same brand without further notice.



  • Weight: 200 oz
  • Width: 12 in
  • Depth: 5 in
  • Height: 10 in

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