The Taste of Germany Kid’s Birthday Collection

The Taste of Germany Sampler



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Product Description

Looking for some new ideas to liven up your kid’s birthday party? How about serving a homemade rainbow cake, along with custom-flavored unicorn gummies. Add edible wafers in shape of cash bills or tongue tattoos. And offer a handful of spritz, efervescent “Brausepulver” (fizzly powder) that tickles every tongue.

Our The Taste of Germany Kid’s Birthday Collection provides you with all of these party favorites that puts a smile onto the face of every kid. All products are made in Germany.

The Collection includes:

  • Kathi Rainbow Cake Baking Mix kit (all dry ingredients included, only natural colors and flavors)
  • Make You Own Gummy Unicorns Kit (includes gummy powder and unicorn-shape mold).
  • Smarties Candy Coated Chocolate Drops
  • Kuechle Edible Wafers “Cash”
  • Kuechle Edible Wafers (Tongue Tatoo)
  • Ahoj Effervescent Prickle Powder

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  • Weight: 60 oz
  • Width: 10 in
  • Depth: 10 in
  • Height: 10 in

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