Topkuss White Chocolate Coconut Marshmallow Kisses 9 pc 7.9 oz – BB (Out of Stock)




Product Description

This is a 9 piece pack of large size marshmallow kisses. A waffle-like bottom is topped with light fluffy marshmallow, then covered in white German chocolate and coconut flakes.

Wonderful present or sweet treats for birthdays, s’mores parties and just in-between.

Grabower Topkuss Chocolate Kisses are marshmallow treats covered in white, milk and dark chocolate. The marshmallow filling is very light and fluffy, melts like snow on your tongue and, together with the chocolate, provides an unforgettable taste experience. Chocolate kisses, invented in Denmark in the early 1800s and cultivated in Germany in the early 20 th century, have delighted generations of European children and adults alike. Minis are produced by Grabower, a sweets company founded in 1835 in Grabow, and is now located in Halle, Saxony Anhalt. They are favorite party treats all over the world – even US presidents are known to have tried Minis Assortment (8 each dark, milk, white) 7 oz.

Please note:

  • The Marshmallow Kisses were imported from Germany. So, we can not guarantee that the marshmallow filling is as fluffy as you remember it from Germany, due to transport times as well as air pressure and temperature changes. We ship a lot of marshmallow kisses across North America and our customers confirm that these marshmallow kisses taste great, no matter if they are more or less fluffy inside.
  • Occasionally it may happen that the Marshmallow Kisses get smashed in the box due to changes in air pressure during air shipments. This is why we prefer shipping this product by ground transport only. However, we can ship by air, if the customers assumes the (low) risk.
  • Please read our “Shipping Perishable Products” Policies during warm-temperature months.
  • We will not provide guarantees or refunds.



The Best By Date is May 2023. The product is safe to consume and will not loose quality 5 months after the Best By Date. 


  • Weight: 10 oz
  • Width: 8 in
  • Depth: 8 in
  • Height: 3 in

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