Vitam Organic Plant Based Savory Spreads and Bouillion Trial Collection – SPECIAL PRICE



Product Description

For almost 100 years, Vitam has inspired fans of plant based fare with bread spreads, yeast melts, savory vegetable-based broth and seasonings. Long before the term “vegan” was invented.

Exclusively available in our store, this 7 flavor trial collection includes:

Vitam R Klassic yeast extract – fat free, high in folic acid, B vitamins and preotein building blocks. Delicoous as bread spread or umami flavor ingredient

Porcini Mushroom Bouillion, a plant-based bouillion broth made with porcini mushrooms, parsley, sunflower oil and natural spices, plus an added umami boost from classic natural yeast extract. 

“Coarse Pfälzer Liverwurst,” a plant-based spread made with organic smoked soy tofy, oats and highly nutritious green spelt kernels.

“Krakauer Liverwurst,” plant-based savory spread made with organic red beans, tofu, green spelt and other nutritious ingredients.

“Fine Liverwurst,” a plant-based savory spread made with organic white beans, mushrooms, tomato paste and other fine ingredients.

“Bavarian Obatzder Cheese,” a plant-based dsavory spread made with organic sunflower seeds, pickles, cucumbers, zucchini and accentuated by mild heat from mustard and a fine aroma of caraway.

“Ramps Butter,” a plant-based savory spread made with organic ground sunflower seeds and aromatic European Ramps (called “Baerlauch” in German or wild garlic or ramson)

These spreads are a great alternative or accompaniment to any charcuterie board and highly popular in Germany and in many countries around the world. For all those who want to eat less meat but don’t want to comprise on taste and flavor.



  • Weight: 48 oz
  • Width: 8 in
  • Depth: 8 in
  • Height: 8 in

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