Vitam Organic Rye Flour Sour Dough Mix, 15g (Out of Stock)




Product Description

You need VITAM Classic Sourdough to make rye bread and mixed rye bread. It is an “original sourdough”, made from organic wholemeal rye flour and living sourdough cultures, which was gently dried at the end of its 3-stage maturing and is now available for immediate baking without any further waiting.

VITAM sourdough guarantees you easy handling and full flavor without time-consuming dough processing and unwanted foreign yeasts. To bake sourdough bread, you also need yeast (like every baker). The function of sourdough is to sour the dough and thus inhibit the starch-splitting enzymes in the rye dough. This starch is important for the structure of the bread: Rye has a starch structure while wheat bread has a protein structure. Only after acidification can the additional yeast develop its driving force to build up a fluffy bread crumb.

You can also use VITAM dry sourdough instead of liquid sourdough. One bag is enough to leaven 1 kg of flour. You can simply compensate for the lack of liquid with water.

A rye bread baked with sourdough is much moister on the inside than a wheat bread and therefore does not become stale as quickly. In order to combine the advantages of both types of bread – fluffy wheat crumbs and the aroma and shelf life of rye bread – you can combine rye and wheat according to your own taste.

Made by Vitam, a family owned company founded in 1928 and located in Hamelin, Germany.  One of the oldest and best known brands for vegan savory spreads in Germany.




  • Weight: 1 oz
  • Width: 5 in
  • Depth: 1 in
  • Height: 4 in

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