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This website provides education, information and entertaining news to “German food fans” or anyone else around the world who enjoys the cuisines of Middle, Northern and Eastern European and appreciates a modern culinary culture and lifestyle.

Middle Europe_Diet_smHere, you can find close to a thousand original recipes, from “haute cuisine” to local favorites.

You can locate retail stores and restaurants in the USA and Canada that may sell your favorite German treat.

And you can discover hundreds of new, artisan or innovative products from Germany and neighboring European countries.

Our stories on German culinary traditions and the latest wellness and health trends not only serve to create awareness and interest for the country and region, but also to increase your knowledge of food, nutrition and language.

This website is maintained and edited by the editorial team of CMA Global Partners – German Foods,  an independent import, marketing and trade promotion agency based in Washington, DC. With a focus on specialty foods, culinary education and transatlantic trade, we engage with consumers, retailers, associations and governmental agencies in North America and Europe, assist small and mid-size specialty food companies to export products across the Atlantic both ways,  create awareness for new products and brands, sell products online and provide market insights to consumer, businesses and non-profits.

find_food_stores2If you own or operate a specialty retail store with a large assortment of foods from German-speaking countries, a restaurant with a focus on  German cuisine, or organize a large German food event, please contact us and we will publish your facility or event on our website free of charge.

If you are in the business of producing, exporting, distributing or selling food, please visit the our Trade Blog which features up to date information on import and export, industry and consumer trends.

If you are generally interested in growing food, culinary practices,  nutrition, wellness and healthy modern lifestyles, you will find some interesting “food for thought” on our Consumer Blog.

It is not a secret: what and how we eat greatly influences our health, happiness and well being. It is also no secret that the availability and affordability of our nutritional choices may change dramatically over the next decades, based on climate change, dramatic geo-political events, and advances in production, logistic and information technologies.

We strive to keep you up to date with honest, independent and unbiased information.

Thank you for visiting this website. Please send us your feedback and comments anytime.

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