Irish-German Connections for St. Patrick’s Day meals

St. Patrick’s Day on March 17 is all about celebrating Irish culture, food and lifestyle. Here, we cannot help ourselves pointing out some obvious Irish-German culinary connections: the love for beer, cabbage, potatoes, and raucous parties and parades. Get the facts on common customs and recipes for St. Patrick Day meals.

Historic connections

From the Irish monk St. Kilian, who brought Christianity to the Franconia region of Northern Bavaria (and is celebrated there still today) to Georg Friedrich Händel’s “Messiah” oratorio which was first performed on Dublin’s Fishamble Street to famous Hollywood actor actor Michael Fassbender: There are plenty of historic and cultural connections between Ireland and Germany. In the United States, German and Irish ancestry make up the largest portion among American “ethnic” groups (based on the latest US census, 13% of Americans claim German and 12% Irish heritage).  Of course, on St Patrick’s Day, everybody’s Irish! In addition to big parades, green plastic hats and “Kiss me I’m Irish” buttons, you can expect copious amounts of green beer, plenty of the traditional corned beef and cabbage rolls, potato soups and sausages with kale. Not surprisingly, cabbage consumption in the United States peaks in the month of March.

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Sauerkraut, Supermodels, Superchefs, Superfood

Sauerkraut and Cabbage feature big in both Irish and German cuisine and experience a revival in both countries. Used as a pizza topping, added to soups, salads and sandwiches, cocktails and even in chocolate cake and donuts, sauerkraut’s versatility is clear. So is its reputation as a healthy, low calorie “Superfood,” explaining why Germany’s most famous supermodel, Heidi Klum revealed that the secret to her healthy, lean physique is none other than her grandmother’s sauerkraut soup. Celebrity chefs have discovered the versatility of sauerkraut too. Rachel Ray uses sauerkraut in her signature “Sliced Chicken and Mushroom Rachel” – a turkey Reuben. And, appropriately for St Patrick’s Day, she puts sauerkraut in her “St-Patty’s Day Reuben Sliders” and St Patrick’s Day Reuben Hash.

Recipes with Cabbage and Sauerkraut

Emeril Lagasse’s Choucroute casserole

Martha Stewart’s Midwestern Grilled Bratwurst Sandwiches

Sara Moulton’s Reuben pizza

Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

Red Cabbage Rouladen

Cabbage Strudel

Recipe Collection featuring Green and Red Cabbage


Green Beer

It’s a natural that Ireland’s national color green is reflected in the beers consumed on St. Patrick’s Day.  This is remarkably similar to the green beer served in Berlin during summer, the “Berliner Weisse with Schuss,” which is export lager beer mixed with “Waldmeister’ woodruff-flavored green syrup.  Serve green beer with a shamrock pretzel, potato chips and Landjaeger sausages at St. Patrick’s Day party.