Guide to German Food and Drink

Our “Guide to German Food and Drink” provides an overview of the most iconic food and beverage specialties that are integral to Germany’s contemporary culinary culture. Whether you’re about to travel to Germany for the first time, teach German language or culinary principles, or or simply want to explore the linguistic roots for certain dishes, here you will find what you are looking for, by category.

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Alcoholic Beverages


Check out the great variety of Germany’s iconic beers, wines, and spirits and say Prost (“Cheers”) to your fellow drinkers.

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Germany’s many thirst-quenching beverages include unique coffees, teas, fruit juices, mineral waters, and ACE drinks.

Breads and Cereals

To walk into a German bakery is to walk into a food lover’s paradise. Bread is taken very seriously in Germany. Learn more about German breads, as well as healthful and delicious German cereals.

Cheese & Dairy

From Schleswig-Holstein to Bavaria, the rich dairy-lands of Germany produce some of the world’s finest cheese and dairy products.

Chocolates and Confectionery

What would Easter be without chocolate bunnies and praline eggs, or Christmas without chocolate Santas, marzipan and chocolate-filled Advent calendars?


From curry ketchup to Düsseldort mustard, Germany produces unique renditions of the flavors that add spice, including mustards, horseradish, aged vinegars, mayonnaise, marinades, and sauces.

Cookies and Cakes

Many German cakes and cookies have a rich and colorful history going back many centuries. Cookies, cakes and sweet rich yeast breads are crafted into complex patterns and shapes, which are often associated with ancient symbolic meanings.

Guide to German Jams and Honey

Explore Germany’s rich selection of wild honeys, spreads, and fruit jams, many available in North America.

Hams, Sausages, and Meats

Germany’s traditional hams and sausages are made from recipes passed down through the generations, and regional variations lend unique flavors that are famous worldwide.

Pasta, Spätzle, and Potato Products

Dumplings, spätzle, pasta and potatoes are served in astounding variety.

Pickles and Vegetables

Germans are particularly fond of pickles, relishes, and sauerkrauts to complement and enhance their meals.

Snacks and Snack Foods

Even snack foods come in unique German varieties!

Wellness, Organic & Natural Foods

Natural and organic foods have a long history in Germany, and the wellness boom is in Germany, too.

German Christmas Cookies

Some of Germany’s most favorite exports are the wide variety of holiday cookies and cakes only baked once a year and only available in the fourth quarter of the year.

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