Recipe Collections – Asparagus Recipes

If it’s between about mid-April and late June in Germany, it’s Spargelzeit! It’s the time of the year when Germans go mad for the tender white spears of asparagus, enjoying them in myriad dishes. Get into the spirit! Celebrate Spring and Spargelzeit with these authentic German asparagus recipes.

Asparagus Salad with Salmon (Spargel-Lachs-Salat)

Tender white asparagus and smoked salmon come together in this gourmet salad, served with a fresh marinade of oil, vinegar, and mustard. (Main Dish)

Asparagus with Ham Wraps and Vinaigrette (Spargel mit Schinkenpäckchen und Vinaigrette)

A sophisticated take on the pairing of asparagus and ham, this recipe pairs ham cream bundles tied with strips of leeks with white asparagus and a warm vinaigrette. (Appetizer)

Asparagus with Shrimp and Wild Garlic Hollandaise (Spargel mit Bärlauch-Hollandaise)

A healthy, easy-to-make asparagus dish of white asparagus, fresh medium shrimp, a sliced baguette and a home made hollandaise sauce garnished and flavored with wild garlic (Bärlauch). (Main Dish)

Warm Asparagus Salad with Wild Garlic Pesto (Lauwarmer Spargelsalat mit Bärlauchpesto)

A touch of sweetness is added to this warm asparagus salad to complement the warmth of a wild garlic pesto. (Side Dish)

White Asparagus with Black Forest Ham (Weisser Spargel mit Schwarzwälder Schinken)

A side dish salad of blanched white asparagus and fine German Black Forest ham, with avocado, tomato, basil and chives and an oil and vinegar dressing. (Side Dish)

Spargelfest Salad (Spargelsalat)

A healthy, tasty salad of grilled asparagus spears, beets, prosciutto, crumbled cheese and pine nuts with mixed greens and honey mustard dressing. Serve with German fitness bread for a great light meal. (Salad)

Pork Loin with Asparagus (Schweinelendchen mit Spargel)

A composition of white asparagus with pork loin, framed by boiled potato and covered with a a light creme fraiche sauce, mixed with pureed onions, pickles, and a hard boiled egg. (Main Dish)

Fried Asparagus with Herb Cream (Gebackener Spargel mit Kräutercreme)

White asparagus deep fried in a delicious beer batter, garnished with a warm herb cream to complete a scrumptious dish. (Side Dish)

Asparagus-Ham Cream with Ribbon Noodles (Spargel-Schinkencreme mit Bandnudeln)

A main dish of noodles with green asparagus, fine German ham and a creamy gouda sauce. (Main Dish)

Roast Beef Sandwiches with Asparagus and Wild Garlic Pesto

Two slices of toast hold the perfect blend of roast beef, asparagus, and wild garlic pesto for an explosion of flavor. (Main Dish)