Recipes for Authentic German Appetizers

Classic German ingredients naturally make easy finger food for casual entertaining, but they can also combine to make a wide variety of tasty prepared appetizers. From mini-onion tarts to ham-wrapped figs, savory cheese dips to chived potato pancakes, here’s a selection of appetizers to welcome your guests and whet their appetites.

Allondigas Meatball Pepper Cream Snacks

Allondigas Meatball and Pepper Cream Snacks

Traditional small meatballs become a festive snack or appetizer when served on Mestemacher rounds with a pepper cream sauce.
White Asparagus with Ham Wraps

Asparagus with Ham Wraps and Vinaigrette

Sophisticated take on pairing asparagus and ham, this recipe pairs ham cream bundles tied with strips of leeks with white asparagus and a warm vinaigrette.
Baked Camembert

Baked Camembert with Red Currant Sauce

Breaded and baked camembert wedges with warm red currant sauce. Great finger food for a dinner party or cocktail reception.
Bavarian Blue Cheese Mousse

Bavaria Blue Cheese Mousse with Gooseberry Chutney

A very festive canape of piped bluecheese mousse topped with gooseberry chutney and homemade hazelnut brittle. Recipe courtesy of Chef Uta Schepers.

Braised Pork with Horseradish Sauce

Marinated, braised and roasted pork, shreddibly tender, finished with a horseradish sour cream sauce. Recipe by Chef Hans Roeckenwagner.
Cheese Hedgehog

Cheese Hedgehog

(Käse-Igel) Simple, tasty party appetizer that also looks great. German artisanal cheeses and grapes speared on pics into a melon half.
Chorizo and Mushroom Tapas

Chorizo and Mushroom Tapas on Whole Grain Bread

Browned sliced chorizo sausage with peppers and mushrooms on triangles of Mestemacher Westphalian Whole Grain Bread.

Crepes with Camembert and Chives

(Pfannkuchen mit Camembert-Schnittlauch-Füllung) Flavorful crepes with German Camembert cheese and chives, served with cranberry relish and a green salad.
Crispy Pasta with Balsamic Dip

Crispy Pasta with Sweet Sour Quince-Balsamic Dip

Quince jelly and balsamic vinegar gives this crispy fried pasta a new flavor dimension.

Farmers Ham with Rosehip Jam and Silver Onions

A canape of three clear German flavors on earthy sunflower seed bread - farmers ham, rosehip jam, and silver onion. Recipe courtesy of Chef Uta Schepers.

Fried Brie in Poached Pears with Lingonberries

Festive appetizer of wine-poached pears with balls of warm crusted German brie and lingonberry preserves.

Fried Tilsit with Cherry Tomato Coulis and Purslane

Breaded Tilsit cheese triangles served on cherry tomato coulis and fresh purslain or basil. Created for by Chef Hans Roeckenwagner.

German Ham-Wrapped Figs with Marinated Bean Salad and Hazelnuts

Appetizer of wine-soaked figs wrapped in Black Forest ham, and served over a salad of frisee with hazelnuts and yellow and green beans.
Ham and Sauerkraut Roll Ups

Ham and Sauerkraut Roll-Ups

A perfect Oktoberfest treat of German ham slices filled with sauerkraut, onions and caraway, baked in German beer and topped with butterkaese.

Hand Cheese Marinated with Onions

(Handkäse mit Musik) Appetizer with the rich honest flavors of German hand cheese (Harzer) marinated with sliced onions, caraway seed and cider vinegar.

Herrings with Cream Cheese Sauce

(Hering mit Frischkäse-Sauce) Herring appetizer of Matjesfilet herrings with blanched apples and onions, sauced with a creamy apple-onion sauce.
Oktoberfest Holiday Strudel

Holiday Strudel with Mustard Sauce

Oktoberfest or holiday party treat with German flavors. Strudel with apple, sauerkraut and knackwurst or bratwurst, with a sweet mustard cream sauce.

Marinated Cheese

(Handkäse mit Musik) German sour milk cheese appetizer, marinated with chopped onions, mustard and cider vinegar. A culinary speciality of Frankfurt.

Matjes Herring Salad in Yogurt Sauce

(Hering in Jogurtsauce) Marinated herring in a creamy mayonnaise and vanilla yogurt sauce with German pickles.
Mini Onion Tarts

Mini Onion Tarts

(Kleine Zwiebelfladen) Onion slices, garlic and Black Forest ham baked in seasoned sour cream on individual sized bread tart bases.


(Obazda) Traditional Bavarian appetizer spread made from camembert cheese, double cream cheese, onions, paprika and beer. Serve with bread or pretzels.
Onion Cake

Onion Cake

(Zwiebelkuchen) A savory tart of browned onions, Black Forest ham, and sour cream. Onion cakes such as this are popular in Germany's winegrowing regions.
Potato Pancakes with Cheese and CHives

Panni Potato Pancakes with Cheese and Chives

Potato pancakes are quick and easy when you start with a mix. Dress them up with ketchup, grated cheese and chives.
Oktoberfest Party Bites

Party Sandwiches

(Butterbrot-Variationen) German party sandwich ideas from Roz Denny German breads, meats and cheese make a party sandwich platter with garnishes.

Pfaelzer Spundkaes

Cream cheese, quark and sour cream combo typical of Rheinhessen and Rheingau. Serve as a spread with fresh bread, pretzels, radishes or Pellkartoffel.